Sundial Bridge To Shasta Dam

The 3rd annual Shasta Dam Bridge Ride

Route Descriptions


The ride starts and ends at the south end of the Sundial Bridge, crossing the bridge, then heading north on the north side of the
Sacramento River Trail, heading upstream, across the ribbon bridge, and on to the 1st rest stop at Sacramento Rail Trail south trailhead at Keswick Dam Rd. Find your lowest gears now, as the trail immediately climbs up challenging “Heartrate Hill”, with scenic vistas of Keswick Reservoir, before descending back down to water level at Spring Creek.

8 miles of flat trail riding along Keswick Reservoir will take you to the Chappie-Shasta OHV park at the base of Shasta Dam, the ride turn-around point at 16 miles into the ride. You’re half-way to your goal!  Check in, rest, eat a snack, have bike adjustments made, and re-fill your water bottle at the our rest stop and start on the return leg.

After another 8 miles of flat-riding, you do Heartrate Hill in reverse going up the downhills and down the uphills. Once you drop down to the trailhead, though, and cross Keswick Dam Rd, it’s all flat riding back to the start-finish. Cross the historic Diestelhorst bridge and back across the Sundial to the start-finish. Time to rest and enjoy your well-earned post-ride meal.


The 10-mile ride is perfect for adults and families with children under 12 years of age.  It follows the same route as the 32-mile ride as far as the ride rest stop at the Sacramento Rail Trail trailhead at Keswick Dam Road.

The Rail Trail trailhead rest stop is the turn-around point. Return along the south side of the River Trail, cross theDiestelhorst Bridge, and back across the Sundial Bridge to the start-finish for a post-ride meal.